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Animes that you should watch

These are some animes you have to watch if you like anime! These are animes from my preferences. If you like any of these animes that are listed below, you can find them on youtube or kissanime.

Feel free to stop by, incase I add any new anime.

Anime is the Japanese version's of cartoons

Click here to go Home >Home< click here to go to our cartoon page >Cartoon< Don't mind if some of these are old.

Some reasons you might want to watch anime.

Animes are fun to watch if you have nothing to do and want to sit back and relax.

Its also for people who like to watch some old mangas is action instead of on paper.

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  4. Gintama 2011 This anime is for those who like funny animated episodes with action. This anime is about a Guy named Gintama and the friends he made in this town where he is also known for drinking a lot of alcohol.
    Hunter X Hunter 2011 Hunter x hunter is about the character Gon Freecss searching for his father by becoming a very good hunter. He picks up any traces of his father and traces it as deep as he can until he finds more hints of his father existence.
    One Punch Man 2015 One punch man is for those out their who likes to watch a funny guy who wants to be a superhero after he notices that his life was boring. He then trains very hard for 3 years and is capable of one punching almost everything he fights even a giant mutant.